Interesting facts about the game of Poker: Did You know?

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There are more than 65,000,000 in USA who are addicted to the game of poker. Poker is a very popular game across the globe. This article will enlighten you with dazzling facts about the dynamic game of poker.

Did you know?

The cards meant for playing were invented in China and then transported to Europe in theSeven Deuce off Suit 13th century. One of the most popular games for the riverboat gamblers in 1800’s was poker. They used to play the game of poker on their way to American waterways.

You will be surprised to know that the French were successful in manipulating the suits in the compact deck of cards. The spades represented royalty, diamonds were the merchants, hearts symbolized all the members of the clergy and the peasants were represented by clubs.

A man names Richard Nixon had won $6000 in poker during his stay in USA Navy. He later went on to become a great political leader. His poker earnings funded him for most of his election campaigns.

The famous comedian Groucho Marx would amass his poker amount or the bankroll in a grouch bag. Hence he was given the name Groucho.

One of the pioneers in the game of poker was Doyle Brunson who had successively won two World Series of poker tournaments with a hand of 2 and 10. You will be surprised to know that as of today both the hands are named after him.

Another eminent personality who was addicted to poker was John Montagu. He was the Earl of Sandwich. He was obsessed about the game of poker so much so that he would refuse to even eat his meals. He could play for hours together. A big vote of thanks to the Earl John Montagu. It was because of him and his love for poker which resulted in the creation of our favorite snack-sandwich.

The origins of the game of Poker are still being debated upon. With an incredible history and ardent poker fans the game is here to stay for a long time.

Are you aware that 50 million Americans participate in poker tournaments every year? A 22 year old man has won the world poker series and an eighty year old man has participated in the world tournaments as well. Doyle Brunson is still playing loads of cards at over 70! Most of the historians agree on the fact that Bill Hickok was bad poker player.

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