Poker tournament tips: Stealing blinds

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When you enter a big poker tourney, after a while players and their plays will start to settle down and this marks the long process of crawling to get the big pile of chips on the tables.

The bigger the field ofpoker players, the longer before you reach this middle stage. At this period, the lesser skilled poker players are most likely eliminated. Some donkeys though will be a bit lucky and end up doubling their chips at this stage.

One thing is for sure though, majority of poker players at mid stage of the tournament will be having that winning mindset and winning strategy.

Make sure you spend some time studying your opponents and just play the premium hands.  It can be boring but some slow play will be favorable in the long run.

Take note though that a lot of players will also be playing tight so you also need to change gears at times and play really aggressive when you have some strong hands.

When you have the position be sure that you can push those chips forward and if you have a big stack, bully some players and eliminate them from the table. This is the time when you will use what you learned during your down time while studying everyone around the poker table.

You also have to consider that your kind of play will be read by other players

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