Kenny Hallaert’s Sick Bad Beat

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Kenny Hallaert

Kenny Hallaert

Imagina this: you’re playing the €10k buy-in Main Event of an EPT event in Monte Carlo, you’re down to 40 players, and you’re by far one of the biggest stacks. You look down on Pocket Aces, and you have an All-In in front of you by the one guy that has you covered at the table.

Mouth-watering, no?

Well, yes – especially when on showdown, you see KK as your opponent’s hand, and the SB claims an AK fold. That is why it’s sometimes better playing slot machine games so big decisions don’t need to be made but big amounts of money can be accumulated.

Well, just that happened yesterday to Kenny Hallaert, right before he busted from the tournament. The one-outer hit the turn, and his pair of aces lost to a set of kings.

I was crying.

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