Poker Tips: How to act when your first after the flop

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It is quite a tricky situation when you are the first player to make a move after seeing the flop. It is hard because you really do not have an idea if the flop improved the hands of your opponents. How you will act depends on a number of factors:

Did they see the flop?

If you did not improve your hands upon the flop, it is best that you do not bet with more players to act after you. Most likely the greater the number of opponents who saw the flop, the higher the possibility that someone is holding a good set of cards.

Behavior on Preflop

If you raised prior to the flop, it will be a more reasonable move to bet and represent that flop. Whatever cards are revelaed during the flop, good players will bet as long as they already raised before the flop. Since you made the raise preflop, your opponents will respect your next move of betting rather than committing then limp out as if saying oops sorry weak cards.

Stack sizes

If you are dominating the table in terms chips, you can control the betting and represent the flop even when you are on the first position. In short, you can bully your opponents. But if you have a smaller stack and the flop did not give you anything, it will be your best move to just be on the side and keep out of the action and wait for a better hand.

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