Poker Bankroll Management: The Basics

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bankroll managementHaving cash to bet in your poker game is vital. Without anything to lay down on the table, you will not be able to win any money back at all. Keeping your bankroll constant is a very important part of playing poker.

Make sure you have a high enough bankroll for the category that you are gambling in. A good idea is to have enough cash in your bankroll to cover at least 50, if not 100 hands. This works well when you are playing at lower bankroll tables, such as two dollars per hand, or four dollars per hand. However, getting up to tables with ten dollars per hand, you may want to consider cutting down to 50 hands of cash on hand in your bankroll. This will help limit yourself, so that you do not lose too much money too rapidly. (photo source)

Do not think too hard on your bankroll about the amount of money you lose. Losing creates a very negative feeling that causes many people to not want to dish out any more money for their bankroll. While it makes sense to possibly curtail your bankroll, stopping playing poker completely is a big mistake, and will result in losing more money and anxiety over your poker bankroll.

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