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Sam Farha makes a sick call pre-flop, but Curtis bets 6000 into a 2000 pot, and really just commits suicide. Sammy is a genius!

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Jamie Gold, sexy sexy sexy man!

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Jamie Gold is MY HOMIE, and Alan “Boston” Dvorkis is a DONKEY and a MORON and he’s probably bisexual.

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“That’s not even poker”?


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Barry Greenstein helping you play draws…

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Barry talking about a hand he played with Jonathan Little during a WPT event final table. Barry Greenstein is so classy, and I love him a bunch!

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Later that final table Barry got knocked out by a huge bad beat holding A9 losing a pre-flop shove-battle against K9. BAH!

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Tom Dwan now with Team Full Tilt

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The legendary online poker genius Tom “durrr” Dwan has been on the losing end of the online poker games for the last couple months – but that didn’t stop Full Tilt Poker to add him to their Team of Full Tilt Poker Professionals. For sure, Tom is one of the biggest faces of online poker – and I look forward to seeing him in more live tournaments from now on…

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Chris Ferguson, Patrik Antonius and Howard Lederer all seem to be very proud to have durrr on the squad, and they’re right to be!

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durrrr can be outplayed!

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Look at this – all these people saying durrrr is un-outplayable haven’t met Patrik Antonius! ^^

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Tom Dwan is still a genius, though.

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Clonie Gowen with A LOT of hair!

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Haha this is just awesome – Clonie Gowen with a BUNCH of hair! :)

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